About us

Do you need a new app for your business? Web, mobile? You do not have to look any more, you are in the right place. DataX Computing is ready!

We specialize in comprehensive IT solutions for customers, from a simple website through complex process solutions to mobile applications.

We are proud of our results. A number of successful projects and satisfied customers are our best reference.


Years of experience




Modern IT technologies provide many solutions. We can help you get to know them and choose the right solution just for your needs.


We will discuss your IT problem to the last detail and create a thorough guide to meet your needs.


We know how to create a solution that covers all of your IT needs, whether it is a complete application or just a part of your existing IT equipment.


We are interested in the way you use the solution we have built together. We will provide you with the necessary synergies and help during the time you are using the solution.


DataX Computing is a growing company with an interest in new collaborators.

We will be happy to meet you and discuss the possibilities of mutual cooperation.


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DataX Computing, spol. s r. o.
Velické námestie 15
05801 Poprad, Slovakia
Telephone: +421 908 444 701
E-Mail: info@datax.biz

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